On a recent Facebook post, I linked to a funny piece from LADbible entitled, “You Laugh, You Lose: Dads’ Joke Edition.” Two dads challenge each other with stupid but fun jokes, trying NOT to laugh at each other’s offerings. It’s terrific. You might have fun watching:


One family who read my Facebook post challenged their kids. The mom wrote:

 I saw your post on FB so I had the boys each get 10 jokes and “play” against Dad and the jokes he had come up with.  We had the best time & just laughed & laughed.
This picture was taken during our favorite jokes of the night told by one of the boys:

God said to John, “Come forth and you will receive eternal life.” 

But John came in fifth and only received a toaster.

Please notice in the photo above Dad’s barely contained mirth. In this contest, he doesn’t want to “lose” by laughing, after all.

I have been asked how our family has cultivated such fun and lively time together especially as our kids have grown into young adults. It all begins by delighting and laughing together. Parents cannot lead kids into light-heartedness by sitting on the sidelines. We have to be willing to laugh, guffaw, giggle and be foolish.

Here’s to much laughter at your table!