If you ever think that you’re the only one who finds parenting a teen to be challenging, take a look at this short sample of questions I’ve received. And, believe me, the list goes on for pages!

It can feel intimidating to ask questions about parenting. Hopefully from this, you can begin to grasp how challenging the task is. OF COURSE you have questions…join the group!

Questions from real parents:

How to help when…?

My son has a best pal who recently has gotten a girlfriend and now has no time for my son.

My middle school daughter’s friend dumped her and the resulting exclusion has made her feel needy, desperate which ends up pushing others away.

A coach really does play favorites and my kid isn’t one of them though he really tries hard.

Managing senior stresses

Explain the balance/confusion in young men and women, how to be gentleman vs her independence; how to be considerate AND respectful

My daughter thinks she is the only one who feels left out or excluded.

Where is the line between “boys will be boys” vs. decency?

How can get my son to challenge himself beyond drinking (DO stuff besides drinking together)?

How to walk the fine line of being embarrassed that mom is there and treating mom decently?

How we connect when time at our house is already so crowded?

How can I get my kids to disagree, have a different opinion, without shredding the other person; disagreeing with respect; being heard w/o screaming; mutual respect; apologize?

What if kid says, “Why do you always expect me to be perfect like…(brother, cousin, friend)?”

With so many demands on my teens, how are they supposed to balance work, self-care (sleep) and perfection/trying too hard?

How can I help my kids make better decisions?

Girls seem so seductive that I worry for my son. How do I help?

How can I encourage my girl who is so stressed out and she seems to lack resilience?

How can I help my kid who is socially anxious?

When I try to put down my foot about my daughter’s clothing, she says, “Everybody wears this” and that seems to be true. Am I wrong? How do I respond?

My teen won’t attend church with us saying the group there is a clique and he’s excluded.

Everything my teen wants costs more than we can afford. How do we help him live within our means?

My college student seems to be sinking. How do I know when to step in and should I?

What to do when my daughter is so self-conscious about how she looks that it cripples her socially?

The focus of my work, the classes I offer and the coaching groups I host…the focus is on helping parents sort through normal, typical, CHALLENGING issues which are the plague of teen years. We need support and encouragement as much as they do. Here are TWO double-dog-dares for you this week:

Think of a pal whose parenting you admire and ask a parenting question you’ve been pondering.

Think of a pal whose parenting you admire…and tell them so!