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Source: bit.ly via Kathleen on Pinterest

This photo is a reminder of what crazy stuff people do for the love of creativity. It is also a reminder of how much time and thought and inspiration it takes to complete something one envisions. It is also a reminder of an amazing summer project which involved dozens of boxes scavenged from dumpsters and rolls of duct tape and boys who were busy, busy, busy! Which reminds me of a summer of video taping, script writing, editing and giggling which involved a number of middle school boys and a serial adventure entitled, “Billy, the Soldier of Misfortune” in which Lego Billy was killed, maimed or mutilated in a pantheon of train wrecks, Indian raids, alligator attacks, and falls from VERY high places. . . all caught on film by the guys.

As summer begins this week, please, PLEASE include “down time” and creativity as part of your fun. In case your kids don’t know how, in case you’d forgotten, check out Pinterest or your local craft store. Feel free to drop by my Pinterest page and look under “Family Good Ideas” for stuff I’ve spotted which might make for family fun. Or just go by the dumpster, get some duct tape and let’er rip!

Whatever you do, keep your eye on what you’re building this summer.