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More than one person lately has said to me that they are losing track of what day it is. It seems that the repetitive, no-new-breaks or not-so-much-fun pace of COVID times leaves us in something of a trackless desert. So, when I inadvertently stumbled onto this video, I found myself smiling (and wishing I could dance!).


Perhaps you need a smile today too. And perhaps you need to create something unexpected for the fun of it, for yourself AND for those around you. To be truthful, I’m not really talking about anything HUGE.

For example, yesterday was my darling granddaughter’s first day at preschool. She (and her parents) had a fair amount of uncertainty about how that might go. She returned home filled with adventures to report. Last night we served Celebration Pudding, announcing it with some fanfare and whipping cream, for a girl who’d taken the challenge and knocked it out of the park!



What might you and your family need to freshen things up? How can the unexpected add zest and fun to your days?

p.s. If you do a flash-mob dance, be SURE to send me the video!