When you read the stats on teen driving during the summer, it really gets your attention. This just in from AAA (American Automobile Association):

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, an average of 10 people die across the U.S. as a result of injuries in crashes involving teen drivers! Research indicates that 60% of those wrecks involve “distraction” to the young drivers including

  • 15% talking with or interacting with others in the car
  • 12% talking, texting or using cell phone
  • 10% attending to something inside the car

To help your teen deal with those distractions of course the most important tip is to model good focus and self-control when you drive.  Also, just talking about the surprising statistics above helps begin to increase their awareness of a problem. Finally, you might want to toss out a couple of scenarios you can imagine and talk through “what would you do if….”

A little special attention to this issue will make summer driving sunnier for all!