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While reading, Search Inside Yourself, the book based on Google University’s MOST popular course, I was struck by a great truth:

Pain doesn’t ONLY cause suffering.

It also has the potential to create growth, maturation, depth of character, compassion. When our kids are hurt, why do we always assume they will suffer? Why can’t we point the way, encourage them toward becoming more, overcoming adversity? Is it possible that in our eagerness to help them avoid hurting, we actually deny them great growth possibilities?

Take a look at this video from the week’s national news. . . and share it with your kids. I double-dog dare you to discuss with them some questions like,

  • Would you have been the guy who was her escort? How do you think he felt?
  • What gave Whitney the courage to go forward?
  • How do you think kids will feel about her at school now?
  • How will she feel about herself?
  • How do you think she’ll remember this event?
  • Have you ever known a situation like this?