by Ella Levy

Perhaps the richest harvest we ever get in life is the joy which comes as “kids” you’ve loved grow up into fine, brilliant, creative, loving adults. This week has blessed me with several of those kinds of conversations. . . ones in which a young adult who I have nurtured and taught returns to nurture and teach me.

One young man sent this link writing something like, “Any woman who ever hopes to be in a relationship with a man needs to read this.” I agree and am grateful he keeps me in his loop of friends. I send it to you. . .


The other young woman, an artist of tremendous variety. . . from photography to illustration to painting to writing (how come some folks get it all?) has begun her own blog. Please visit and delight in


With any luck, I’ll be featuring her art work from time to time. I know you’ll be touched by it too.

So, today, invest yourself well in those younger ones behind you. Nurture them. Teach them. Look to the day when they’ll be back to nurture and teach you.